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David Chrisinger

Award-Winning Author and Teacher Who Believes Everyone Has a Story That Matters

David Chrisinger is the Executive Director of the Harris Writing Workshop at the University of Chicago's Harris School of Public Policy and teaches memoir writing for The War Horse. His latest books and essays cover the intersection of conflict, trauma, and the stories we tell about ourselves. Read more

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Displaying Pyle’s detailed snapshots of victory, levity, fatigue, death, and grief . . . The compelling story of ‘America’s most beloved war correspondent,’ who lost his life recording soldiers’ real experiences.

Review, Kirkus

The Soldier's Truth

In this intriguing and admiring biography, Chrisinger retraces war correspondent Ernie Pyle’s steps through the European and Pacific theaters of WWII . . . Chrisinger’s deep admiration for his subject comes through, as does his belief in the power of storytelling as a force for good . . . A fascinating portrait of a reporter who gave everything to get the story.

Review, Publisher's Weekly

The Soldier's Truth

When it comes to Pyle and the war, the book is very good. The reporter was a prolific letter-writer, and Mr. Chrisinger draws heavily and judiciously from Pyle’s correspondence with two close friends and with his wife.

Ben Yagoda, Wall Street Journal

The Soldier's Truth

Chrisinger teases out the exquisite, often painful balancing act Pyle had to perform as a war correspondent . . . An excellent reassessment of a singular American journalist.

Booklist, (starred review)

The Soldier's Truth

A prescient and engrossing story, Chrisinger intricately weaves moments of memoir and hard journalism with incredibly granular and well-rendered studies of Pyle’s life, the parts of war he witnessed, and the people he met, knew, and loved.

Rachel Kambury, Wrath-Bearing Tree

The Soldier's Truth


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David Chrisinger’s ‘The Soldier’s Truth’

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Searching for Ernie Pyle & The Soldier’s Truth with David Chrisinger

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