Book Release:
Stories Are What Save Us

Stories Are What Save Us PreOrder

It’s got to be more than just a coincidence that my latest book–Stories Are What Save Us–is hitting the shelves this summer, just as many of us will emerge from the traumas incurred during the coronavirus pandemic. Each of us has suffered, and each of us has a story to tell.

I didn’t write this book thinking it would be for everyone. Most of my work helping people tell their stories has been focused on military veterans, their families, and refugees fleeing war. But those aren’t the only people who will learn something from this book. Anyone who has suffered or lost or woke up in a world they could hardly recognize will benefit from the stories and exercises included in Stories Are What Save Us.

Stories Are What Save Us is currently available for pre-order as both a paperback and eBook. Once it officially publishes on July 6th, you’ll also be able to purchase the audio version, narrated by yours truly.

My publisher, and of course myself, appreciate pre-ordering because this lets us know how to calibrate future marketing plans. Follow the link below to read more about the book and to place your order now.

As we prepare to release my book into the world, I would like to send a huge thanks to Brian Turner and Angela Ricketts for writing the foreword and afterword of the book. The expertise of these two accomplished authors contributing to my project brings me great honor.

~ DC