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During World War II, Ernie Pyle became known for his stories about ordinary American soldiers fighting abroad.
Air Mail News

Behind Enemy Lines: The Day the Soldiers Lost a Buddy

A look at the mysterious story of journalist Ernie Pyle’s death during the U.S. Army’s invasion of a Japanese island

Ernie Pyle in Italy, 1944. US Army Signal Corps
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Ernie Pyle Digs in at Anzio

Nearly killed by a German bomb, Ernie Pyle faced the fear and frustration known as “Anzio anxiety” among the American soldiers trapped with him on the beach.

Literary Hub

On the Enduring Power and Relevance of America’s Most Famous WWII Co...

Before Pyle, there was no way for readers in the United States to reach any sort of understanding about frontline fighting and the day-to-day realities of life at w...

The Boston Globe

The WWII Newspaper Column That Dared to Illuminate Death

By concentrating on Waskow’s individual devotion, suffering, and sacrifice, Pyle endowed the cause in Italy with deeper meaning. America was great, Pyle seemed to...

The War House

Far Along on the Road That Doesn’t Come Back — Retracing t...

Author David Chrisinger spent the past four years walking in war journalist Ernie Pyle’s footsteps for his new book. This excerpt first appeared in “The Soldier...

Art Works Projects

On Being a Storyteller, Not a Storytaker

As long as there is life, I remind myself whenever this work feels overwhelming, there is hope. And as long as there is hope, there is the possibility that we might...