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David Chrisinger's essays and articles published in various print publications as well as websites.

The War House

Fighting to Go Home:
Operation Desert Storm, 30 Years Later

“It almost seems like a very bad dream having been here. Of course there have been some good times, but the bad far outweighs the good."

The War House

The New Cold War That’s Emerging in the Arctic

“We’ve learned that absolute security for the Russians means absolute insecurity for everyone else. That should be totally unacceptable.”

Survivors gather on May 3, 1945, to salute the Allies and to remember people who perished in Dachau.Credit...United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, Courtesy of National Archives and Records Administration, College Park
The New York Times

A Secret Diary Chronicled the ‘Satanic World’ That Was Dachau

For two years, a prisoner in the German concentration camp kept a journal that would later be used to convict those who had persecuted him and killed his fellow pri...

The War House

The Army Medic in the Hole

“'I can’t believe this is how I’m going to die,' he thought."

The body of Ernie Pyle laid to final rest
The War House

Ernie Pyle—The Original War Horse

I’m leaving for one reason only—because I have just got to stop. 'I’ve had it,’ as they say in the Army. I have had all I can take for a while. I’ve been ...

Reaper Airman
The War House

The Surge Nobody’s Talking About: The U.S. War in Somalia

“They either don’t know who they are killing,” says Abdullahi Hassan, Amnesty International’s Somalia researcher, or AFRICOM is “afraid of admitting respo...