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David Chrisinger's essays and articles published in various print publications as well as websites.

The War House

The Army Medic in the Hole

“'I can’t believe this is how I’m going to die,' he thought."

The body of Ernie Pyle laid to final rest
The War House

Ernie Pyle—The Original War Horse

I’m leaving for one reason only—because I have just got to stop. 'I’ve had it,’ as they say in the Army. I have had all I can take for a while. I’ve been ...

Reaper Airman
The War House

The Surge Nobody’s Talking About: The U.S. War in Somalia

“They either don’t know who they are killing,” says Abdullahi Hassan, Amnesty International’s Somalia researcher, or AFRICOM is “afraid of admitting respo...

Marine Corps machine gunner, wearing Confederate flag bandana, checking gun barrel. (Adobe Stock)
The War House

White Supremacy in the Military “Like a Drop of Cyanide in Your Drin...

Until the military knows approximately how many white nationalists it has in its ranks, the threat will continue to have a destructive effect not only on the morale...

Article by David Chrisinger published in UChicago Magazine Winter 2020
University of Chicago Magazine

An exhibition upends traditional representations of Native American cu...

"Placing historical artifacts alongside pieces that show contemporary Crow culture "transforms the meanings of the artifacts themselves," Jonathan Lear says. "They ...

The U.S. Role in Yemen
The War House

The U.S. Role in Yemen

Yemen is a nation at war with itself. And for nearly four years, the United States has gotten sucked into the battle, along with other powerful nations like Saudi A...