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David Chrisinger's essays and articles published in various print publications as well as websites.

University of Chicago Magazine

A soldier’s final mission

Goettler and Bleckley didn’t have to go out on that second flight. They had done their duty the first time around. But that wasn’t enough for them.

WWI Poster
The New York Times

The Army’s Message to Returning World War I Troops? Behave Yours...

In the 1920s and 1930s, new representations of shellshocked veterans prompted the public to question the government’s commitment to providing proper treatment.

Baggage Hafez Studio
The War House


As an American, I’ve worried about the troops we have fighting there, but I hadn’t given much thought to those who called Syria home.

The Man Who Told America the Truth About D-Day
The New York Times

The Man Who Told America the Truth About D-Day

During his four years as a war correspondent, Pyle was embraced by enlisted men, officers and a huge civilian public as a voice who spoke for the common infantryman...

Everything Had Changed, and Nothing Was Different

Everything Had Changed, and Nothing Was Different

When Brett recounted his stories to me—and granted me permission to write about him—he handed me a sort of power I didn’t know I would crave.

When I think about my son - David Chrisinger
The War House

When I Think About My Son

Sometimes I wonder if I even have the right to form memories of Robert. Sometimes I feel like I’m grieving the loss of something I never really had, and I can’t...