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David Chrisinger's essays and articles published in various print publications as well as websites.

The Rules Do Not Apply - Hod at Fort Sheridan

The Rules Do Not Apply

The stories we tell ourselves sometimes feel to me like new clothes we need to try on in the fitting room before taking them home. Some don’t fit as well as we’...

9.11 Roses
The War House

Talking with a 9/11 Witness Helped Him Connect with History

As I walked into the main exhibit space in bedrock, one of the people in our tour group started to talk to me about that day and what he remembered.

Team RWB

Why are you here? Storytelling and Leadership in Saving Private Ryan

Who are you? Why are you here? There may come a time when you’ll need to tell a story that answers those two questions. Will you be ready?

David Chrisinger Reader's Digest
Reader's Digest

This Veteran Had Been in the Line of Fire for Years—But a Game of Go...

After four deployments to Iraq, this veteran nearly ended it all. What stopped him? The most ordinary diversion imaginable.

Losing the Fear That He Abandoned His Men
The War House

Losing the Fear That He Abandoned His Men

His essay made me feel bad for him, even pity him. And that’s not what Mike was looking for.