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David Chrisinger's essays and articles published in various print publications as well as websites.

Guns, Booze & Suicide: How Stupid Saved a Life
The War House

Guns, Booze, and Suicide: How ‘Stupid’ Saved a Life

I didn’t ask why he didn’t kill himself after golf—the next day or the day after. Maybe I should have.

Trapped in the Amber of this Moment
The War House

Trapped in the Amber of This Moment

A week after my visit to the recruiter, I broke the news to my father while we were shooting hoops at the YMCA. I was nervous, so I blurted out that I wanted to joi...

The Redemptive Power Of Lying
The War House

The Redemptive Power of Lying

For the past six years, I’ve worked with hundreds of military veterans to help them tell their stories of war and coming home, and in that time I’ve heard lots ...


The Glory of Being a Soldier

It wasn’t until basic training that most new recruits met their first combat veterans. These men were real soldiers and Marines who had rotated back home to serve...