My new book has arrived!
By David Chrisinger
19 Jun 21

My new book, Stories Are What Save Us, has finally arrived!

It is always such a reward to hold the weight of a book you put so much time, effort, and emotion into. Thank you to Johns Hopkins University Press, for publishing Stories Are What Save Us. I am so excited for you all to read it.

Thanks to Christopher Tobias, who designed the cover, and to my dear friend, Jen Wall Abel, who shot my author photo for the back cover! 

David Chrisinger Family

Proud moment here for the Chrisinger family!

I hope you take the chance to pre-order online or contact your local bookstore and let them know you would like to see it on their shelves. 

Also, as it’s Father’s Day weekend, I wanted to share another excerpt from my book with you.

It may sound corny, but when I think about fatherhood, I think about Kevin Costner building a baseball field on the edge of his cornfield in the 1989 classic “Field of Dreams.” Several years ago, during a canoe trip in Northern Canada, my good friend Brian Castner reminded me what that movie was all about. Check out this short clip of me reading an excerpt from my latest book for more about fathers and sons, pain and redemption, and stories that can save us. 

Excerpt: Field of Dreams in Canada

Stayed tuned next week for another reading.

~ David

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